Saturday, November 8, 2014

Those Gentle Reminders!

This is a sweet story from Debbie...

I have to admit I have been slacking on giving away my dollar a day.  Started thinking... "This is silly. How is $1.00 a day really going to make a difference?"  Then recently while on a casino weekend getaway, I walked outside for some air, and right there in the drive out front was a one dollar bill just laying there waiting for me to find it!  I scooped it up and giggled like I had just found a treasure!!  That little $1.00 bill put me in such a good mood for some reason!!  I had to laugh at myself...  OK now I get it!!  Back at dropping my dollars!  :)


  1. A dollar really can make a difference. One day I was in my local down town area with daughter and two university students stopped me. They asked if I would like a dollar. I looked at them in dis-belief. They told me no strings attached and that if I wanted, they would give me a second dollar if I agreed to give that one away. I said yes, pocketed the one dollar and then continued on to the shop I was going to visit. I gave the extra dollar to the clerk explaining where it came from. I didn't think anymore about the dollar in my pocket. A few days later, I needed to buy bread for my kids lunches, but I didn't have enough. I was disappointed and put my hands in my pocket and turned to walk out of the store, Wow, that forgotten dollar was in my pocket. Totally made my week.

  2. Thanks Heather - such an awesome story!!!