Saturday, August 29, 2015


8 years ago today, I began to give away a dollar a day...

Happy Birthday GAADAD!!! smile emoticon

Saturday, August 15, 2015


“Abundance will begin to flow through our lives.  Money will simply be there.  We will find ourselves working at jobs that have meaning to us.  We will find ourselves living in a state of joy.  Instead of living in a constant state of fear that there won’t be enough to pay the mortgage, we will even become free to think about how we can share our abundance.”

From Money Is Love, by Barbara Wilder

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Letting Go

When I started to give away a dollar a day almost 8 years ago, I saw that it was teaching me about giving and receiving, and with more than just money.  And by far the majority of lessons and experiences have all been really joyful.  I began to think that giving was always filled with just this wonderful energy of happiness.

Sometimes, though...  Giving can have a bitter sweet side to it.  Like when you let something, or someone, go.

I went through this yesterday.  Letting go of something, giving something away to someone else, something that I had grown to cherish and had gathered real feelings for.  In my mind, I knew it was the right thing to do...  And for all involved, it was the right thing to do...  But my heart really hurt in the letting go.

In giving, from the heart and the self-less soul, there is always the greater good, for all.  Yet every once in a while, that giving...  that letting go...  may be really draining and emotionally painful.

But good will come of it.  Always does.  There is always divine receiving in divine giving.

I want to know this, and believe this...  today.




You manifest what you believe, not what you want.

        - Sonia Ricotti, Author

Boy, ain't that the truth!!!